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Romance, Drama, Friendship
Captain America The Avenger

❝ Before you go, I want you to promise me something. Promise me that we'll write to each other every single day.❞ ❝I promise, Rose. ❞

Chapters : 1


❝Steve Rogers, ma'am.❞ #1

ROSE CLARSON was many things. Sweet, independent and not to mention breathtakingly beautiful. She had a soft spot when it came to various things, one of the things included seeing scrawny young men getting flogged by much bigger men. And in this case, she was feeling a great amount of pity. It was just a regular day, but she seemed to stumble across someone that changed her life forever. #2

Rose entered the dress store casually, pushing open the door, which signalled the chime of the bell to ring throughout the shop. Her handbag was slung around her shoulders as it swung back and forth every time she moved. It's not every day where she buys new clothes, but she had a date that night. First impressions are important on dates, and she wanted to wear something fresh. They were going dancing, one of her favourite things to do. #3

Her eyes lingered on the dresses that was hanging on the rack, but all it took was one glance at the price tag for Rose to frown. The most beautiful things are always out of her reach, that's why she had a part-time job at the local Brooklyn flower shop, so that one day she'll be able to afford anything she needed, and help out the misfortunate, also. #4

"Can I help you, miss?" One of the employees asked, a nice smile forced onto the woman's lips. Rose whipped her head into the direction of the voice, her blonde locks following close behind. #5

"Yes, actually. I want to know what your cheapest price is." Rose asked, her tone descended as her sentence finished. The woman raised a brow in amusement, making Rose shy away. She probably looks like a low-standard scum who doesn't have much money, Rose thought. As the woman replied, Rose's daze caught the chaos that was going on outside. She looked through the glass window of the shop, where the manikins stood, and saw a trio of men pushing around a smaller man. #6

No one else seemed to see the commotion occurring on the busy Brooklyn streets, but Rose, she noticed it very well. They tripped him over, knocked the objects out of his hands and occasionally thrusted a few punches across the smaller man's face. Just as the three guys forced the fragile man to the ground, they ran away from their injured victim, snickering and laughing. "Miss?" the shopkeeper said, snapping her bony fingers in front of Rose's brown eyes. #7

Rose flickered her attention to the retailer, forgetting that they were discussing prices. Mumbling an apology, Rose tried to keep her attention on the kind woman, but her eyes kept glancing at the beat-up man. He struggled to lift his fragile body from the ground, which made Rose pity him. Ignoring the calls, questions and judgemental stares, Rose walked out of the store without another thought and made her way to the wounded gentlemen. "Hey!" Rose called, earning the attention of the man. He furrowed his thick eyebrows and looked around aimlessly. Rose approached him with a sympathetic look on her beautiful face. #8

"Are you ok?" She questioned, her hand touching his bony bicep in comfort. The man looked up at Rose with wide eyes, before swallowing the lump forming in his throat. #9

"Y-you're talking to me?" #10

The man asked dumbly, his blue eyes still expanding in size. Rose let out a small laugh before nodding, "Yes you," she smiled. He hesitantly nodded in response, his sunken-in cheeks growing red. She took in the time to examine his features, and what pretty features he had. Despite his scrawny and small figure, and the fact that she was taller than him, she noticed that he had attractive features that many girls look for in a man. Like his crystal blue eyes and his dirty blonde hair that was nicely styled. #11

He had a fairly masculine tone that was condensed with a classic Brooklyn accent, and a clean presentable look, minus the blood dripping from his nose, probably caused by those inconsiderate thugs. Rose finally brought her attention back to reality, and noticed how the man was slightly dabbing his wounds, and cringing at the contact. "Here, let me," Rose insisted. #12

She whipped out a handkerchief from her purse and dabbed his fresh gashes, making sure to be gentle. "Thank you ma'am," he acknowledged, slightly wincing. She shrugged, a small smile playing along her lips, making dimples appear softly on her face. Her eyes sloped down to the sidewalk, and noticed a piece of paper left abandoned on the concrete. #13

Bending down to pick up the paper, she returned to look at the blonde with curious eyes. "Is this yours?" Rose asked, presenting the paper to the man. She looked down slightly and let her eyes roam along the slip, devouring the information with her eyes. It was an enlistment form for the army. She was immediately confused, she wouldn't of thought a man with such a small figure would want to join the US army. She continued to observe the enlistment form and noticed the 4F boldly stamped onto the paper. #14

"Uh . . . Yeah, yeah. It is." The man said, clearing his throat. He gently took the form from her hands and kept his head down, slightly feeling embarrassed that she saw he was rejected from attempting to join the army. #15

"Rose." Rose suddenly said, sticking out her hand. The man looked at her questionably, his blue eyes filled with confusion, "Excuse me?" the man said. #16

"I'm Rose, Rose Clarson. And you are?" Rose introduced, her hand still stuck out in a friendly way. The man took her slender hand in his bigger one and let a charming half smile sit on his lips, "Steve Rogers, ma'am," Steve responded back, his boyish smile not wavering. From that moment on, they were inseparable. Rose didn't attend her date that night, because she was with Steve, and that was the best decision she's ever made. #17