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SCAVENGER | avengers [ on hold ]

Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Parody, Suspense, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
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" I am no one "

Chapters : 1


Ellis wasn't part of a family, nor did she want to be. She wasn't lonely or scared, abandonment was what she was used to. #1

What she was, however, was intrigued by the two fugitives that had crash landed near her snowy village. #2

"Back away!" Ellis shouted, pushing her way through the messy crowd who had stopped what they were doing, fighting, cleaning or other, to inspect the ship that had crashed just past the well. A few of them cleared away but most of them ignored the scavenger's angry plea. #3

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a myriad of fighter planes flew overhead. #4

"It's the government!" Someone shouted. As the villagers cleared away in fear of the planes, Ellis raced forward towards the rubble of the plane, eager to find out who had crashed it, and why. #5

However, all that was inside were two empty seats and two missing parachutes. #6

After a while, the ships overhead were gone, obviously finished with whatever business they had here in the snowy Russian mountains. Ellis started to retreat back to her home, a small cabin outside of the main village. She liked it there: it was warm, cosy and all that she had. #7

Completely focused on her feet and the way her frozen fingers felt, the two parachutes when unnoticed by her until she tripped over one of them. #8

"Oh for- oh my god." After fumbling with her mittens, she pulled away the fabric of the parachute and revealed a disheveled man that lay underneath. #9

"Help me carry him." The voice, which came out of nowhere, startled Ellis to the point where she jumped, turned around and pulled out her knife in a matter of seconds. #10

The man who had spoke put his hands up in self defence, although he looked like he could rip Ellis to shreds. "He's my friend. I want to save him. Just help me get him to shelter." He spoke slowly, as if unbothered by the knife she was pointing at him. That, or he was so cold that the words wouldn't come out quick enough. #11

The brunette slowly lowered her knife. The parachute man, who she had turned her back to, started to move and mumble incoherent sentences. #12

Again, the blonde man pleaded, more urgently this time. "Do you know where we can find shelter?" #13

Ellis didn't answer. She just looked at the man, then in the direction of her cabin, then back at the man and then nodded slowly. #14

After she moved away from the parachute, the blonde man picked up the other one and started to follow Ellis as she led the way to her cabin. How she was going to fit all three, she didn't know. #15

But a gut feeling told her that she needed to. She had to. #16