A romanoffs's story


Action, Drama
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❝ Staggering around my space of mindless thoughts scratching the paint of the walls in this dilapidated space: shared with disapponted and blind hope for what could be, wanted to be. ❞

Chapters : 1 2 3


I awoke with cold sweat pouring down on one side of my face. I was breathing heavily in ragged gasps. It was that day of the month again. It was the 13th of March. The one dreaded the most by myself. Sparring day. It seemed hard to believe but it was true. It was back. . There was no turning back now. #1

I waited in my old, rusted metal bed frame, my hands chained to the bed sheets I laid on. It was only at 5 am would they unlock the chains. It was only 4.45 am. I lay in bed, thinking about the dire and unspeakable consequences that may dawn on me later on. #2

Sparring Day was a day when two girls would be picked randomly to spar against each other. As the saying goes, 'Survival of the Fittest', one of us would have to either break our necks or die during the spar. I was the one chosen to fight against Vanessa. #3

Vanessa had been a great friend of mine since she was forced to join the Black Widow Program in the Red Room. Even though she was the closest to me among the other 26 seven year old girls with us, one can never trust the other, not when it happens in the Red Room. Anyone could easily kill you and get away with it. No one knew. No one cared about deaths. #4

I stole a look at Vanessa. She was sobbing quietly to herself. I guessed that she was afraid of the match that would await us at the end of the day. Doomsday. #5

I made a silent prayer to myself, hoping that I would not be the one sent up to the skies on this fateful day. I could not die. Not at this age, I thought to myself. #6

At exactly 5 am, a tall, lanky lady strode into the crumbling room. It was Mrs. Shostakova, the head mistress for the Red Room. She unlocked our chains one by one. When it came to mine, I jumped off the bed and headed straight for the washrooms. I wanted to wash-up as quickly as possible, at the same time skipping the queue. #7

--5.30am-- #8

Breakfast was doled out. It was yet again a stale piece of bread and a few pathetic peas. I sighed and whined, earning a slap on the head by Mrs. Shostakova. I winced and continued to eat my breakfast in silence. I picked up the stained wooden fork and stabbed it into the peas, just like how the other girls and I would assassinate our opponents. #9

Breakfast was always the usual. Bread and peas. The only day we got to eat something better was when we completed a term. On that day, each girl would get a slice of butter cake. At the very least, it was better than those stupid peas. Better than nothing, right? #10

After our meals, we scrambled out of our room and headed to English class. Our teacher was Mr Alexandr, and he was one not to be messed around with. #11