A voidlaufeyson's story

Queen of Gotham

Action, Crime, Drama, Hurt
Batman Harley Quinn Penguin Carmine Falcone Falcon

Oswald Cobblepot thought he won. But, there was one more player he forgot to take down. Bobbi Falcone, the daughter of Don Falcone. The Penguin is about to get a wake up call he never saw coming.

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I sit atop a white throne like chair at the end of a long, marble table. There are many smaller versions of my throne around, but none like mine. The walls are black, with blood red curtains blocking the sun. The fire crackles and pops behind me. I tap my pointed gold nail on the table, waiting for my guest of honor to arrive. #1

I stand up as I hear them coming down the hallways. I fix my emerald dress. It reaches my knees, and has the ability to see through the lace at my stomach, only enough to see my belly button and a bit of space below and above. The doors open, and I take a sip of my wine. Oswald Cobblepot stands in the doorway. #2

"Bobbi Falcone." He says. #3

"That's Miss Falcone to you." Victor tells him. #4

"Right, of course." He says, plastering a smile on his face. #5

"Mr Cobblepot. Have a seat." I say, motioning to the seat next to mine. I sit, and he limps to his chair, looking around at my men around the room. I slide him a glass of wine. "I've heard that you've been trying to get yourself a business. What did you call yourself? 'The King of Gotham'?" I ask. #6

"Yes." He confidently says. I take his chin between my thumb and fingers. My pointed nails slightly dig into his skin. #7

"To become to King, you must kill the Queen." I say. I laugh and let go. #8

"Of course. I didn't realize that-" He says, but I interrupt. #9

"That I was still alive? Oh, Oswald, I am still very much alive." I say. #10

"Yes, I see that now." He says. #11

"Now, I can help you. I will give you a section of my city. You work from there. Make money. Cut off some loose ends." I say, setting my glass down. "But, if you fail, you die." #12

"I will do my best." He says. He stands up, and I snap my fingers. Victor walks to me. #13

"Show him to his new palace." I say. Oswald and Victor walk out my doors, and I smile. #14

A few weeks pass. A new group had risen. The Maniax. I sit on my throne, my dark purple dress draping over the edge, when the door opens. Jim Gordon walks in. I quickly stand up. #15

"Detective Gordon. To what do I owe the pleasure?" I ask, grinning. #16

"You know anything about this, Bobbi?" He asks, dropping a newspaper on the table. I walk to it and pick it up. A bunch of bodies are on the ground, spelling out Maniax. I shake my head. #17

"Sorry Jim. If you think I broke them out, I didn't. I've been here, dealing with business transactions." I say. #18

"What about Penguin?" He asks. #19

"No. It's too sloppy. We would've done things much, cleaner." I say. He picks up the newspaper. #20

"Thanks, Miss Falcone." He says, tucking the newspaper into his jacket. #21

"Do come back and visit soon, Jim." I say as he walk out the doors. #22