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Action, Crime, Drama
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─ IT SEEMED that from time to time, Astrid never did realise the momentous sound of her short breaths. It was so sound; an even pattern that resonated from her mouth so that she could walk the earth without fault, breathing life into those around her. It was an unpleasant shame that she chose to repay the world by nurturing a rare evil; an evil that was unspeakable. #1

No one knew her intentions, not even her broken family who has been separated for as long as she could remember. It was strange that their separation is what drove her to London in the first place, completely angered as she stood in the stale London train station. Not even the mollifying pattern of her inhalations could grant her serenity, since she had forgotten about that emotion the minute she boarded the plane. #2

"Quite the scramble." #3

A voice from her right jeered, Astrid not bothering to look as her blank brown eyes stared at the empty train track sombrely. While shuffling her hands in the depths of her pockets, she didn't have to think twice when detecting this person's American tone, a complete separation from all the London citizens who spoke with a specific twang. #4

"I guess we're both new to this all," Astrid stated, her primitive sideways glance just enough for her to catch his appearance. Full medium brown face, black hair jumbled in dreads and an agile physique, his height just skimming past Astrid's. It was hard to dictate whether or not he flinched by her words, but to be fair, that was the least of her worries. #5

"Nice to see you in the flesh." #6

Erik Killmonger outstretched his arm, the checkered print of his jacket a complete contrast to his unusual and strong-willed personality. Astrid had never personally encountered the man before that day, she only knew of him when reports of her missing father arose for weeks, and his name happened to be linked to his disappearance. #7

And here she was, miles away from her birth home in Brazil to be face to face with him, the mysterious aura that surrounded him telling her all too well that he had something up his sleeve. "I'd be more delighted to see you if you didn't have something that I want," she reeled the conversation back in, not allowing her thoughts to overpower her actions. #8

"Is that how you speak about your old man?" Killmonger tried to absently lighten the mood, but Astrid was in no way willing to crack a smile for the sake of pleasing a man who had held her father captive. #9

"Just tell me where he is," Astrid commanded, flicking her head sideways and narrowing her eyes, her trenched head of curly hair barely even swayed by her curt movement, "So both of us can leave in peace." #10