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Without her mask Theresa feels vulnerable, but with it she feels unstoppable. Two very different personalities in just one young girl, but is that a good thing or a bad thing for her secret identity?

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SLAM! #1

My hand lingered on my locker after I closed it, my eyes closing as I breathed out, before shoving myself off of the metal. I held my schoolbooks to my chest as I trudged down the loud, crowded, high school hallways. Students chatted aimlessly about their weekend, gossiped about one another, and laughed for no real reason, brushing past others as we all headed to our next class. #2

“Hiya!” bobbed a female as she clung to my shoulder. #3

I smiled, “Hey Lisa.” #4

Elisabeth ‘Lisa' ' Simmons, my best friend since 6th grade, back when we were the emo outcasts. Now, in our freshman year of high school, we tended to just stick together out of habit, even though we were pretty much opposites now. Lisa was very pretty, with tanned Indian skin, a curvy, round body and medium-length hair that she had dyed an amber-orange tone. She typically wore her own style of crop tops and shorts, but with our public school dress code, she changes her style to warm colored jeans and stylized tops. I, on the other hand, stayed safe with my plain jeans and sweatshirts. There were days where I wore skirts or decided to be a bit more grunge with dark makeup and leather with fishnets, but I typically chose to stick with plain and easy. #5

“It’s only the second month and already I feel like shit.” Lisa groaned out, scratching around her nose ring, “What do we have first, again?” #6

“History.” I answered shortly, “But after that there’s math, so.” Shrugging, I checked the binders in my arms to make sure I had the right ones. #7

“Gruh,” Lisa made a face, “But theatre starts Wednesday, so there’s something to look forward to, I guess. Right, Tess?” #8

I simply shrugged again as we walked into history, Mrs. Davies writing on the smart board up front. #9

I took my seat in the back of the class, silently letting out a breath, then quietly pulling my written homework out of the grey binder. #10

“Good morning, class!” Davies smiled, clasping her hands in front of herself. She was to cheery for so early in the morning. “Role call first, alright?” She sat at her podium, and started listing off names in alphabetical order. #11

I rehearsed my ‘here’ in my head as she did so, looking around the room. Lisa was quickly finishing her undone homework in the seat next to me, as were many other students around the classroom. Some other students were on their phones, hidden behind books or on their laps. My eyes, per usual, lingered on the boy with the curly brown hair who sat diagonally to my left, leaving me with a perfect view of his jawline and shoulder as he hunched over a notebook, scrawling quickly with his wrist tilted up slightly. I assumed that he, too, was working on homework, whether for this class or the next, I didn’t know. #12

“Parker, Peter?” Mrs. Davies was calling. #13

The Asian boy with the neat haircut, Ned, had to elbow Peter in the side to get his attention. Peter’s head snapped up, “Huh? Oh… er-here?” A small bit of laughter went around. His arm had stretched out, blocking his paper from view—but I could see the small marks of a sketch where he wasn’t covering it. Before I knew it, Mrs. Davies had continued to— #14

“Quinton, Theresa?” #15

I raised my hand slightly, feeling every eye on me—including Peter, who made me nervous—“Here. But-uh-just Tess, please.” #16

Mrs. Davies nodded, making a note on her paper -- that she would soon forget – and went on to call “Weber” and “Zyra” before rollcall ended. #17

“Now,” Davies clapped her hands in front of herself, “I’ll collect homework at the bell, but for now… does anyone know about the Visigoths?” #18

“Tess is one!” Eugene ‘Flash’ Thompson yelled, and a reckless laughter echoed around the room. #19

I was used to this, as I was labeled as ‘emo’ and ‘goth’ all during my middle school years, which unfortunatly most of the same people came to this highschool. #20

“Actually,” I spoke up, feeling all eyes on me again, “As the Visigoths were a tribe that raided Rome, killed an emperor, defeated a Roman Army, and invaded most of Italy around 376AD… I’d have to say that I am not actually part of the Visigoth tribe.” #21

Mrs. Davies cleared her throat, “Well, yes, that’s exactly right! Obviously you did your homework, Theresa. The Visigoths did invade Rome in 376AD, but you know who else they invaded? The Huns.” She smiled lightely, “Now, I’m sure you’ve all seen ‘The Night at the Museum’ film, but the real story behind the Huns is a bit different…” #22

The class continued on like this, and there were many students taking notes and finishing up homework. When the bell rang, everyone jumped up, shoved books together and hurried out of the square-shaped classroom, pushing around others and plopping messy homework papers on Davies’ desk as we all rushed into the hallway. #23

As I entered the main hallway, Flash came by my, slapped my books from my hands, and yelled, “Whoo, good job back there, teachers pet!” #24

I smiled thinly, “Yeah, ditto, jackass.” He simply rolled his eyes, laughing loudly with his small group of friends as they hollered and pushed away, down the hall. Growling under my breath, I knelt down and carefully picked up my books. #25

“Here,” Lisa said, shoving one of my binders towards me with her foot. #26

“Gee, thanks.” I muttered as I finished picking all of them up, “Honestly, I almost wanted to just leave them.” #27

She scoffed as I stood up, the both of us walking down the hallway, “Nah, you’re too nerdy for that.” #28

“Geeky.” I corrected nonchalantly, “There’s a difference.” #29

She gave me a look, the both of us lasping into silence as we walked into the quiet Geometry classroom. #30

The older-looking male substitute in that classroom had salt-and-pepper hair, wearing beige pants and a grey button-up with a black tie as he wrote equations on the whiteboard using a red marker. #31

In this class, we were sitting alphabetically, so Lisa sat close to me but not next to me. Nope, instead I got super unlucky and sat next to none other than Peter Parker, because nobody else in this stupid class had a surname that started with a ‘P’ or a ‘Q’ that could have sat between us. #32

As I slid silently into my seat, feeling very self-conscious about everything I did, I pulled the sleeves of my Ravenclaw sweatshirt over my hands, gathering them in my fists.“Hey you okay?” Peter asked, tilting his head towards me and talking very quietly. #33

I looked up to him, nodding slightly while smiling briefly. I could feel my face start to turn red and hated myself very much at that moment. #34

“It’s just…” He furrowed his brows, “With Flash and all…” #35

Oh so you saw that and did nothing? Wow. Nice. I felt myself gain control as the frusteration replaced infatuation. “I’m fine, used to it.” I brought my left hand up to rub my lip to distract myself, my eyes going back to the teacher as my right hand tapped my pencil onto my desk. #36

Peter nodded, his own eyes going to the front. I clenched my teeth, getting more control of myself as my heartbeat started to slow down now that he wasn’t talking to me. #37

“Okay class!” The sub turned to all us students, his voice very loud as he went to close the door. He kept talking, but I tuned him out. His voice was too loud, and I pretty much already knew all of this. Since the desks were put in pairs, Flash ended up sitting right behind me, and I heard his voice a few times, but I mostly stared at my pale fingers all day. #38

My nails were unpainted, but they looked slightly blue—I was just that pale, and cold. #39

Why are the math classrooms always freezing? #40

“Quinton?” My head snapped up when I heard the sub say my name. #41

“Um…” my eyes glanced over the numbers on the board. #42

“Um, X equals fifty-nine point three-two-eight.” #43

“Good,” the sub wrote it in, “Pay more attention, please.” #44

“Sure.” I mumbled, doodling on the corner of my paper. Nothing big or fancy, just a humanoid shape sitting at a round table like at a café, very faint, but it took all of my attention and thankfully my name wasn’t called again. #45

Drumming my fingertips against my collarbone, I was slightly startled when the bell buzzed, and as everyone started to stand, the teacher raised a hand and everyone froze. #46

“The bell doesn’t release you, I do.” He waited for a count to three as everyone sat back down, then waved his hand, going to erase the board as all the students began to leave again. #47

Trudging out of the classroom, Lisa started walking next to me as we headed to English. #48

Yep, school life for me is exactly as boring as it seems. #49

Lisa was singing under her breath as she had me hold her books for her so that she could find her chapstick from her purse. #50

As she applied it, looking into a compact mirror, we walked into English class and I dropped her books into her seat, moving to go into my own assigned one on the other side of the class. This teacher was laid back, usually, but had no tolerance for noise at all. She once sent a kid to the office for saying ‘bless you’ after a different student sneezed. #51

I felt a migrane start to begin, and I raised a hand to massage my temple as the female teacher wrote instructions on the smart board for how she expects the class to continue. #52

Only half an hour, Tess… I reminded myself, closing my eyes before pulling out my homework and putting it on the edge of my desk, for the teacher to pick up when she comes around to silently gather roll-call. #53

Time seemed to drag on forever as I finished the objectives and began the homework for the next day, and when the bell finally rang, I clipped the loose papers into a binder and hurried from the classroom, having to go across the entire school to go to Gym, which was next. #54

Our gym teacher was a lazy piece of trash who weighed five times as much as a diesel truck, who drank only fast-food drinks and ate chocolate donuts as he made all of us do stupid things like volleyball and track. Not to even mention the stupid rope that we’re going to have to climb in a few months… #55

After pushing my books and binders into a tiny locker in the girls’ locker room, I changed into my navy blue and gold gym uniform and met up with Lisa, who was pinning her hair up into a ponytail and fixing the large wings of her eyeliner. #56

Silently, we went to the gymnasium, where I flet freezing and slightly insecure around the other girls who pulled their gym shorts as high as they would go, to create booty-shorts, and their t-shirts were really tight around them as most of the others had perfect hair and makeup—which was ridiculous for gym class. #57

I, on the other hand, was practically swimming in my large gym shirt and my shorts came down to an inch above my knees. I was wearing a minimum amount of makeup—meaning none at all. My hair was short, choppy, shoulder-length and not stylized, as usual. #58

Shaking my head, I focused on the female gym teacher, who had to be some sort of bodybuilder at a point in her life. She blew loudly into her whistle, ceasing all conversation. #59

“Buddy up!” She yelled, “Count sit-ups for your buddy, and we’re putting them in for the record. Go up to only thirty, because that’s an A, and any lower than ten is a fail so try harder than that. After that, complete the quiz for the Health portion of this class, and then free time until the bell. Ready? Go!” #60

Everyone scurried around for a partner, but I just turned to Lisa and rolled my eyes. #61

Sit-ups can suck my metaphorical dick.” I growled, finding my way to one of the dark blue mats on the floor and laying on my back to start the first round of sit-ups. #62

Lisa knelt in front of me and held my feet, “Yeah, well, gives us time to talk. You’re old record was, what, twenty?” #63

“Fifteen. I gave up.” #64

Right. Is there anything you don't hate about gym class?” #65

“…The lights all work in here,” I smirked as her as I did the first sit-up, then repositioned myself and did another, and another.“ Coach Wilson looks like he’s having fun making love to that chocolate milkshake.” Lisa pouted at me, and I burst out into laughter, hardly even able to come up for my next sit-up. #66

“Are you even counting these?” I questioned. #67

“Nope. Let’s say you did eighteen and I did sixteen, and just grab that worksheet.” #68

“Deal.” I pushed myself to my feet, my hips and legs already sore. #69

Grabbing worksheets, we quickly got through them and sat on the bottom seat to the bleachers, only to be joined by Liz Allen and her friends. I don’t know who had the great idea to merge the 9th and 10th grade gym classes together, but it didn’t look like it was going to change. #70

“Mind if we join you?” Liz smiled at me as she took a seat. #71

“By all means,” I mumbled, gesturing next to me. #72

“Theresa Quinton, right?” She questioned, her friends making themselves comfortable and already chatting away with Lisa. #73

I pressed my lips together and did a little, distracted nod. #74

“Well… I’m part of the Academic Decathlon, it’s a challenging competition that includes math, history and pretty much facts in general.... and since you’re one of the top of most of your classes, I was wondering if you wanted to look into joining.” She smiled kindly at me, swiping her dark hair away from her face. “We’ve been looking for some new recruits, since the past seniors that were in just left, and although we don’t usually accept Freshman, the team agreed to change that, considering the fact that you and a couple other students are to the right level. So… interested?” #75

“Um… sure.” I nodded slightly, looking over at the dark-skinned older girl, “But… I also have plans to join Theatre and hopefully some other stuff.” #76

She nodded understandingly, “Oh, I’m sure its fine, we try to schedule meetings and practices when everyone has the time.” #77

“Then… yeah. Sounds great.” I smiled thinly at her, “I need something to do with my free time anyways.” #78

She brought out a folded piece of paper from her pocket, “Okay, here, these are the requirements and the sign-up dates and all that information.” I gently retrieved the paper, my pale skin contrasting with her dark coffee-toned hand. I felt a flash of insecurity, but ignored it as Liz continued speaking. “You can also spread the word that we are recruiting, and maybe get more people to sign up. Any recommendations?” She smiled kindly at me again, and even with as kind as she was, I was slightly annoyed with how fast she was talking, how much information she was spewing onto me. #79

I tilted my head to the side slightly, “Um, no, no I don’t really have any recommendations. I mean, Lisa, Lisa,” my best friend turned to look at me, “Facts club. For nerds of all kinds. Competitions and stuff. Join me?” #80

She stared at me for a second, then shrugged. “Why not?” #81

“Great.” I nodded, turning back to Liz, “I guess we’re in, then.” #82

She smiled, standing up, “Awesome! So, yeah, just sign up before next Thursday.” #83

“Will do.” I nodded once to her, and Liz walked away, going to talk to other people. #84

I turned to look back at Lisa, rubbing my pale thumb onto my temple, where I still had a headache. #85

“Nerds of all kinds?” She joked, laughing at me. #86

I groaned quietly, dropping my head, “Look, I was put on the spot!” #87

Lisa laughed, “Whatever. There’s only a few minutes left of gym, let’s go crowd around the locker room doors with everyone else, Anxiety Queen.” #88

I rolled my eyes, but stood up and followed her to the door. Just as we reached it, the bell rang. All the females rushed in, and the gym teacher collected worksheets as the girls went to their lockers to quickly change. I took my time, since I had Lunch next, and was able to take my time. The loud chatter just made my headache worse, but I managed to hide myself in my cozy sweatshirt and jeans, my converse loose on my feet. Lisa was already done, and was waiting for me by the door as I held my binders to my chest. #89

At lunch, Lisa and I were sitting at a rather empty side of a cafeteria table, eating stale cafeteria food. Honestly, if the school served better food then maybe they would get more money from all the kids that want to eat that better food. #90

“I don’t even know I want to join the Academic Decathlon,” Lisa started, “I mean, I’m not even that good at math anyway.” #91

“Then don’t join,” I shrugged, “I just thought that you might’ve wanted to, yah know, so that you had something to do.” #92

She gave me a look, and rolled her eyes, “I actually have a pretty busy schedule, Tess, believe it or not.” #93

“Oh really?” I teased, dropping my piece of cardboard covered in tomato juice—or well, what the cafeteria called pizza, but I’m not sure they know what that means. #94

“Yes!” She insisted, “I’ve got school, homework, me-time, shopping, I go out with friends every now and then, I help my mom at her work twice a week… and that salon gets packed, you should come sometime.” #95

I shook my head, “No, Lisa. Why would I want to come if you just said that it’s packed?” #96

“People would be good for you.” She stated, staring me down as she took a bite of her salad. #97

“People are terrible, don’t even joke.” I rolled my eyes at my best friend as I scrolled through my Tumblr blog on my phone. It was mostly sappy poems that I posted, and I did more looking through other people’s blogs then I did actually adding to mine. But hey, it’s a good time-consumer. #98

“Okay, well, you should still come to my mom’s salon. I’ll make sure whatever you get is one hundred percent on the house.” #99

“You just want me to get a haircut.” I sighed. #100

“Can you blame me? Guurl, you’ve got so many split ends it looks like Jude Law’s relationship board.” #101

I scoffed, “I don’t have the time.” #102

I opened my mouth to make a comeback, but Michelle took a seat on my left, saying, “It’s strange that you two are even friends. Do you do anything but fight?” #103

“Fighting is Tess’s love language.” Lisa said immediately. #104

I ignored this. “I just don’t want a haircut right now, okay?” #105

“What, you’re trying to grow it out or something?” She raised an eyebrow. #106

“No… I just don’t like people touching my hair.” I went back to scrolling through my phone. #107

“What, like this?” Michelle ran her fingers through the ends of my hair. #108

I blew out a breath, blowing a stray lock of whitish silver hair from my face. “Yes, that. I do not like that.” #109

“Pity.” Michelle examined the ends of my hair, “Lotsa split ends, Quinton.” #110

“Oh my go—Okay I’ll get your stupid haircut, Lisa. But your mom better be the one to do it.” I stood up, gathering all three of our lunch trays to put away. #111

“I pinky promise.” Lisa said, blowing me a kiss as I walked away. After dumping the trays and putting them on the counter, I stopped to buy a water bottle real quick, before heading back to my seat. Along the way, Flash’s hand lashed out to grab my hoodie’s sleeve. #112

“Whoa, Emo, how many cans of dye did that take?” He teased, his ‘friends’ snickering. He gestured up to my white-grey hair, that had been this way my entire life, and he knew it. #113

“Natural color, actually,” I stated in a bland tone, “So, to answer your question… more bottles then you have brain cells. Meaning…” I held up my hand, in the shape of an ‘o’ and mouthed zero while giving him a sympathetic smile. #114

He looked angry, “Whatever, Goth slut.” He let go of my arm and I ignored their laughter as I made my way back to Lisa. #115

She was glaring over at Flash. “What did he do to you?” #116

“Just hair jokes.” I answered, sliding into my seat. #117

“Hair jokes?” Michelle asked, from where she had started reading a book. #118

“Yeah, nobody seems to believe that this is my natural color.” I shrugged, I didn’t really mind. It’s nothing really bad, and honestly High School is only four years in a century of life, so I was fine with being disrespected as long as it didn’t last into my career years. #119

Lisa shook her head, “How is that even your real hair?” She muttered. #120

“Er, genetics?” I shrugged, “I dunno, we’ve got to get to class, let’s go.” #121

The day went by slowly. After Lunch I had Fine Arts, then Science, then French. Usually I would have to stay after school for Theatre or something, but since that didn’t start until next week, I lingered by my locker after French. #122

Lisa was off hanging out with some of her friends, including Samantha Zyra, who was almost like the school’s Freshman popular girl already, in just the second month. She was pretty, with large eyes and auburn hair, plump lips and a thin sort of victoria’s secret type of body, and I wondered when the last time she ate cake was. Probably never, but hey, metabolism was a thing I was all too familiar with. My genetics made my metabolism faster than a normal human’s, and I had a few ‘perks’ that sometimes got me into trouble. I made sure that I had everything I needed for my homework, and then I arranged it all into my backpack and closed my locker with a slam, slinging my backpack onto one shoulder and heading out of the building. Most students drove or took the bus, but I was one of the twenty-something that walked to and from the school yard. I didn’t live too far from the school, and even if I did, I didn’t have patients for a schoolbus in this New York traffic, and the small streets of Queens made me nervous sometimes when a large schoolbus would try to fit somewhere it shouldn’t have. #123

As I walked, avoiding people and keeping my head down, I played with my phone, untangling my ear buds and putting only the left one in, starting up the song ‘Death of a Bachelor’ by Panic! At The Disco. #124

I was practically drained from the school day, but listening to music made me feel a little less tired, and gave me some energy. I made it to one of the lesser known coffee shops, a little hole-in-the-wall place, and paused my music to order. #125

“Um,” I bit my lip, looking from the tattooed barista to the menu. “A cappuccino, and a caramel brulee late, please. Both grande. Oh, and a loaf of spice bread, please?” #126

She nodded, telling me my bill, and then had me wait at a table while she made my order. I usually came past here every Monday, and even when I was bored or when the Wifi of my apartment was down. #127

I scrolled lazily through my phone as she called out my order. As soon as I left, I started rushing. #128

Walking quickly, I made it to a deserted alleyway, where I pulled my sweatshirt off to reveal a long-sleeved black leather shirt, where I had previously taken off with my sweatshirt to hide it in the locker room. After that, I changed into the rest of my suit, including fingerless leather gloves and black pants, along with combat boots and my mask, which was made from a Halloween costume piece. Steampunk goggles spray-painted black, the goggle part replaces with sunglasses lense, and I had super-glued a piece of a black breathable fabric to the bottom of it, to create a face-mask that went around the bottom-half of my face. To cover my recognizable hair, I pulled up the hood of the vest that I had put on over my shirt, and snapped it to the sides of my goggles, which had button-like-clips glued on. #129

I had made the uniform in a rush, but had been slowly perfecting it. And, hopefully, it wasn’t too bad. #130

Now ready, I gathered the coffees and spice bread carefully, and slid my plain grey backpack over my shoulders as I climbed up the fire-escape of the nearest building. #131

Once at the top, I was greeted by the sight of Spiderman overlooking Queens, kneeling down over the side of the tall brick building. #132

While I was slightly worried about his safety, I knew that if he fell, he would just use his web-slingers to save himself. #133

“I brought coffee.” I announced in a deadpan, setting the coffees on the ground next to him. I had removed the labels of the café, in case he tried to find out who I was. However, I doubt he would, because that would mean that I would attempt to figure out who he was in return, and I know that he doesn’t want that. #134

“Cool,” He glanced over at me. Spidey was never shocked by my appearance, and when I asked him about it a month ago he explained his ‘Spider Senses’ to me, and I almost called bull before I stopped myself. #135

“Also spice bread, but that’s just for me, after we do some saving.” #136

I heard him smirk, “Understandable. Hey, where have you even been? #137

“Can I not have a life of my own, Spidey?” I asked in an amused tone, kneeling next to the red-clad hero. #138

He also had a sort of run-of-the-mill uniform, that was sort of like a onsie with a face mask and swimming goggles put on it. He wore sneakers and gloves, as well, but I guess we didn’t need to look professional to fight crime.When we had first run into each other, I’d heard of him already. I mean, he was sort of my inspiration to come into the open as Tesla, which was my superhero name. He had been wary of me for about a month, but after he realized that I was fighting for the same thing that he was, we sort of teamed up, and it was actually him that helped me chose the name of ‘Tesla’ for myself. I was going to go with Electra, but ‘Tesla’ really is better, and it makes since, if we’re thinking about Nikola Tesla, the man who harnessed electricity for the first time. #139

I was born with messed up genetics that gave me advanced sight, and electro-kinesis, which is pretty much control over all sorts of electricity. I can use it at my will, summoning something like lightning or sparks from my fingertips, but I could also control electronics and anything that ran on power. With the sight thing, that really only enabled me to have better night vision, so I could see normally in the dark, but once my eyes concentrate on the darkness, any bright light will temporarily blind me, as if one was looking through night vision goggles. #140

So far, my powers have been really useful, if unexplained. I haven’t even told my sister about them… but she’s not what I should be concentrating on right now. #141

On the little police radio that I’d stolen a while back, I heard a female voice shout orders and an address. Spidey listened for a moment, then stood up and turned to me. We were about the same height, even though width wise he was a bit more muscular than me, and definitely stronger. #142

“Ready, Tesla?” He asked, and I could hear the smirk in the half-strangers voice. #143

“Ready,” I affirmed, and together we jumped from the building, prepared to take on any criminal that comes our way. #144