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Captain America's Daughter

Romance, Fun, Humor
Captain America Black Widow (Clone) Iron Man Hulk Thor The Avenger

Twenty years after the alien war, the avengers have kids of their own. The story is told from Calla Rogers, Captain America's daughter. She starts high school with her mini Avenger friends. Will her and her friends keep their secret within?

Chapters : 1


"Calla! Get out of bed!" my dad, Steve Rogers, yelling from the kitchen. "You'll be late on your first day!" #1

"I'm coming!" I call out to him. I was really tired from hearing him always do this. #2

I know what some of you might think about, isn't Steve Rogers Captain America? Well, you are certainly correct since all of us got to take a moment to realize. Captain America is my dad, and no more needed. #3

After he called out to me, I rolled out of bed and landed on the floor crouching. Some of you may say how can you crouch after rolling out of bed. Years of training everyone, years of training #4

I went into my closet and chose my outfit. #5

I walked into the kitchen to see my dad putting cereal on the table, and he checked his watch. "Two minutes, new record," he said. He kissed my cheek. "Good morning, sweetie." #6

I hugged him. "Good morning dad." #7

I sat down in front of my cereal. #8

"So, you ready for your first day?" he asked me as he flipped open the newspaper. #9

I dipped my spoon into the bowl of cereal and said "Yep." #10

He scanned the page and asked "You got your shield?" #11

"Yes." #12

"Backpack?" #13

"Yes." #14

"Suit?" #15

"Yes." #16

He looked over at me to say "Do not tell anyone who I am, that's an order." #17

I put my bowl in the sink and glance out the window of the door to see my boyfriend, Jake Stark flying in. "I won't tell anyone," I said to dad. #18

He gets up and kissed my forehead. "Have a good day." #19

I hug him. "Thanks dad. What are you doing today?" I asked as I got my bag off the counter. #20

"Nick called me in for a meeting." he said. #21

"Oh, all right. Love you!" I said stepping out of the door as Jake got out of his suit. #22

Some of you may know, but Jake is the son of Iron Man. He has made me a suit but I didn't take it, I like fighting with my shield. #23

"Hi honey," I said kissing him on the cheek. #24

"Hey babe," he said hugging me. "You ready for school?" #25

"Sure, why not?" I said grabbing his hand and walking toward school. #26

"Who's your homeroom?" he asked me while taking out his schedule. #27

"Fernandez." I frown. "World History? What's your elective?" #28

"Shop, yours?" he looked over at me with his blue eyes... Oh, getting distracted. #29

I shake out of my small dream. "Art. Where's Scarlet and Cayden?" We stopped in front of their house. #30

_____ #31

"Mom! Cayden took my bow!" I heard Scarlet scream from somewhere in the house. #32

"Cayden! Give Scarlet her bow back!" I heard Aunt Natasha yell. #33

"But mom-" and then I heard something that sounded a lot like a judo flip and Scarlet comes rushing out the house. #34

"Hey guys!" she said brushing her velvet hair out of her face. #35

I let go of Jake's hand to hug her and say "Oh my god, Scarlet! I can't believe we're going to school!" I squeeze her. #36

"I know! I can't wait to join the archery club, and the karate club-" she counts in fingers. #37

Cayden comes up beside her with a red mark on his face. "And the boring as heck club." He laughs at his own joke. #38

"Shut up!" Scarlet says. #39

We start walking again after a small sibling fight. I grabbed Jake's hand again. #40

"Scarlet, you got an elective?" I asked her. #41

"Archery, duh," she smiles. "What do you have?" #42

"Art, where's Eva?" I say once we stop outside Thor and Jane's house. #43

"I think she's walking with Blaze." Jake checks his phone. #44

All right, Blaze is the son of the Hulk, Eva is the daughter of Thor and Jane. A year ago, they started dating and they fell onto each other. #45

"They didn't wait for us?" I said sounding a bit emotional. I didn't realize it since Jake patted my back. #46

"No, so, Calla, since you're leader, what's the plan for today?" Cayden asked me. #47

That shocked me. "Who elected me as leader?" #48

Blaze and Eva walk up and raise their hands along with everyone else. "We did." #49

"How about not scare us suddenly," I said pushing open the front doors. #50

Jake laughs. "Like that's possible." #51

I punch him in the shoulder and locate Mr. Fernandez's classroom. #52

We walk in with a complaining Jake and we sit down in desks. #53

"Good morning class, I'm Mr. Fernandez. This trimester, we're going to be learning about a group called the Avengers." After he said that, all of us snap to attention. #54

A girl raised her hand. "Mr. Fernandez, what does this have to do with World History?" #55

Mr. Fernandez smile. "Well, the Avengers fought a war. Can anyone name who they fought in the war?" #56

Everyone raises their hands, and Mr. Fernandez calls on me. "Calla?" #57

"The Chatauri, Loki's army," I said with confidence. #58

He looked surprised. "Yes, yes. I would've accepted Loki's army, but that's okay too. Can you name an Avenger?" He looks around the room. He stops on me. "Calla?" #59

"Captain America," I said smiling. #60

"Jake?" he asks. #61

"Iron Man." #62

"Eva?" #63

"Thor." #64

"Blaze?" #65

"Hulk." #66

"Scarlet?" #67

"Black Widow." #68

"Cayden?" #69

"Hawkeye." #70

"Thank you, so... This week, we will be learning about Captain America because he was the leader of course." Mr. Fernandez says continuing on and on. "So, for homework, you will write a two page essay on his life before Captain America. It's due tomorrow." #71

The whole class groans except me since obviously, Captain America is my dad. #72

Jake pokes me in the shoulder. "Hey Calla, can you help me with this? he whispers. #73

I couldn't refuse. I nodded, and added "But only if you help me with Iron Man." #74

He squeezed my hand and nodded. #75

Some people may question this: Aren't Captain America and Iron Man enemies? Well, when Loki was tearing them apart from the inside out, they fought a little. But now they are good friends but have a little spew once and a while. It's pretty funny on family gatherings about the food or the lighting. #76

Some may question also on how long Jake and I are dating? Right? Well, we known each other forever and finally admitted our feelings a few years ago. #77

Mr. Fernandez snapped me out of my dream with his "Ms. Rogers! What is the answer to the question?" #78

All eyes turned onto me. #79